Wireless Temperature Probe

A dedicated and robust solution for the composting and food waste industry to track temperatures during processing

Our temperature probes are wireless and weather proof; they allow the user to keep track of temperatures in composting materials. Suitable for open windrow and in-vessel operations, it provides evidence the product has reached required temperatures during the composting process, complying with relevant regulations (eg PAS-100, ABPR).

In finished compost and stockpiled oversize, our temperature probes also fulfil fire prevention plan (FPP) monitoring requirements by sending high temperature alerts.

PAS-100 was developed in conjunction with the Association for Organics Recycling. PAS-100 includes requirements about how compost materials can be processed.  PAS-100 was launched in November

In-vessel composting
The compost temperature probes are part of an end-to-end solution for in-vessel composters. The sensors constantly monitor temperatures and deliver the data direct to your computer wirelessly. Our solution includes the potential to integrate with positive aeration systems.

Open windrow composting
Our unique probes do all the leg work at a fraction of the cost of manual recording. The sensors are simply inserted into the compost where they monitor temperatures 24/7 and send the data direct to the site computer. What’s more, the data can be fed straight into the PAS100 layout, providing reports at the click of a button.

Because our sensors can be used for in-vessel and open windrow operations, they are also ideal for sites carrying out both processes and which store the finished product outside.

On-going support and maintenance
Freeland Scientific offers a full on-site survey before installation and an annual calibration service. Ongoing support and system maintenance are available from our specialist team. 

If you want to find out more about our wireless compost temperature probes, please call us on 01322 667076.

Key features

  • Cost effective
  • Robust and durable – constructed from marine grade stainless steel
  • Easy to install and use
  • End-to-end solution – data sent wirelessly to on-site PC is captured within a dedicated program to record temperatures over time at individual locations
  • Standard probe length is 1.5m or 2.0m. Bespoke lengths up to 3.0m maximum are available on request.
  • Sensor location measures temperatures deep within the stockpile
  • Spare sensor head units can be kept on site and exchanged during repair or calibration to avoid down time.
  • Wireless range is up to 1km line of sight and can be increased using repeaters
  • Licence covers technical support, annual service and calibration
  • Probe covered by 12-month warranty
  • Battery life 18 months (changed annually during service/calibration)
Wireless Temperature Probe data sheet.pdf Wireless Temperature Probe data sheet.pdf
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No wires, no expensive equipment, no fuss. 

Call now on 01322 667076 or email maria@freelandscientific.com and discover the benefits for your business.


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