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Freeland Scientific Limited has a range of solutions to issues faced by the waste recycling and organics industries.

Our first product launch was the highly-regarded CompostManager system, developed as a result of six years of research focused on helping the industry meet regulatory issues, reduce production costs, increase product throughput and improve product quality.

The smarTprobe system from Freeland Scientific uses wireless temperature probes to track temperatures during the composting process, as well as waste and grain storage.

CompostManager measures variables such as temperature, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide within composting piles to improve site productivity and reduce odour problems. It is a key tool for meeting the latest legislative and environmental requirements.


The Wireless Temperature Probe is an end-to-end solution designed and developed specifically for the industry. Each probe sends data wirelessly to an on-site PC with a dedicated program to track temperatures over time at individual locations.

Freeland Scientific produces monitoring solutions for the composting and recycling industry. 
Our team includes members who have worked in this industry for years enabling us to use their extensive knowledge to produce equipment that is user friendly, reduces a company’s carbon footprint and, most importantly, does the job it was designed for.


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